About Treex

Treex was founded in late 2013 by Thomas Maskens, who is currently in charge of all strategic and operational aspects of the company.

The decision to establish Treex stemmed from the observation that, in the real estate sector, the numerous competences required to successfully complete a project are only very rarely present in the same place. The reason for this situation is that the operators’ distinct skills sets them in their own universe and it is quite exceptional for them to be driven by a common strategy.

Based on this observation, Treex has decided to give pride of place to its customers’ goals and strategy in its approach. Doing this ensures that the technical facets of a project engage with the other disciplines and are transformed from being an obstacle into a success factor.

Did it work? Yes! In a just more than a quarter, Treex has demonstrated evidence of its capacity to react quickly and to deliver a high level service to major real estate players. Treex’s recent achievement includes Technical Due Diligence, Feasibility Study for office reconversion to housing and project management of office building renovation.

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Thomas Maskens

With over more than 15 years of experience in real estate business, Thomas spent over six years at CBRE Property Management (former Sogesmaint-CBRE), latterly as Head of Project Management and in charge of the Building Consultancy services. During this time he developed an extensive know how about project management and building consultancy.

Thomas holds a Master in Architecture; He also attained the Postgraduate Degree in Real Estate Management at the Solvay business School. Thomas is also an alumnus of the Vlerick Business School, where he finished the MBA program.

Treex’s commitment consists of

  • mastering the technical side of real estate
  • being aware of the big picture and understanding other stakeholders’ language
  • propose strategic solutions aligned with Treex’s client’s goals